Opens: 4/1/24 at 6 AM PST

Qualifications:  All entrants must have run a verifiable 50k or longer trail race in 2023 or 2024.  If you don't have a qualifier prior to registering, you may list yours as "pending," add the upcoming race, and notify when your qualifier is completed.

The registration fee is $210.

We cannot predict how quickly the race will fill.  In the past it has filled as quickly as 1 week or taken as long as 3-4 weeks.

In the event that we must cancel the race due to circumstances beyond our control (including fire, disaster, pandemic related issues, cancellation of permits) we will make every effort to refund registration fees to the extent we are able, however the amount of refunds due to emergency cancellations will depend on the timing of cancellations and current sunk costs.

In the event that you must withdraw from the race, you may request a refund of $160 before 7/01/24, and $120 before 9/01/24.  Refunds will only be processed through Venmo or Paypal; Ultrasignup does not process refunds, and we will not mail any checks.

There will be no transfers, rollovers, or discounts for next year's race.  There will be no refunds after 9/01/24.

You must register through:

Waitlist:  When the race fills, an ordered waitlist will be maintained.  You will not be charged an entry fee for registering for the waitlist.  Should you get a spot, you will recieve an email from Ultrasignup asking you to accept or decline the entry.  Only if you choose to accept will you be charged.  When you recieve an invite to register, you must use it or it will be cancelled and passed on to the next runner.  In June and July, 72 hours are allowed before an invite is cancelled and passed on.  In August, 48 hours, and after September, 24 hours.

We cannot predict how many runners will be accepted from the waitlist.  It is dependent on how many runners withdraw and how manny runners on the waitlist accept or decline the invites when they get them.  There tends to be the most movement on the waitlist around the times the refund amount changes or goes away, and within the last few weeks before the race.